The aim of the project DRAW! was to encourage York Art Gallery visitors to engage with drawing, with nearly 1300 drawings being produced by the public over the course of the project.

Alongside this, the project incorporated working that considered how to translate the sense of rhythm felt in the newly restored Main Gallery that houses CoCA (Centre of Ceramic Art). Whilst in the Gallery each week over a three month period, two different drawing approaches were tested and analysed; drawing in response to video and making drawings whilst in the Main Gallery, with particular interest in the shadows cast by the rhythms of natural light as they interacted with the ceramics and architecture. Working was enhanced by researching the history of the space, including architect Edward Taylor’s original 1874 to 1878 drawings. Progress was communicated to Gallery visitors through a weekly journal shown in the Project Gallery.  The results of this working was shown at SEE:SAW at York St John University in May 2016.

Taking a step back, further studio working over the summer considered the natural rhythms of light, questioning what they may reveal about the space.  An installation of this working was shown in York Art Gallery from October 2016 to March 2017.