January 2020

Beningbrough Hall

I am commencing a residency at Beningbrough Hall, Gallery and Gardens this month. Throughout 2020, I will be making work in response to the architecture, sharing my process with visitors to provide another way of experiencing the space.

Starting with desk research, I have been researching Beningbrough Hall, its history, construction, renovations, the people associated with it and their impacts on the architecture and how it has changed, both physically and how it is used. As well as textual research, visual clues such as maps, family trees, architectural drawings, historic drawings and photographs are all rich sources of material to discover how people may have experienced the Hall throughout its history. To establish a better understanding of the building and its construction, I have also researched the Georgian architectural style of English Baroque, its history and characteristics and the wider context of the Baroque period. 

Although desk research is a good place to start as an introduction to context, there is no substitution to experiencing the space and I look forward to doing that very soon.