June 2020


‘In great architectural spaces, there is a constant, deep breathing of shadow and light; shadow inhales and illumination exhales light.’ ¹

Continuing my series of drawings in response to moments of architectural light and shadow from around my home during lockdown, I have been testing installation ideas. The work Drawing Breath comprises plexiglass blocks containing both graphite drawings and cut outs on translucent paper that interact with each other when activated by natural light in the space.

For some time now, I have been exploring ways to communicate my response to architectural light and shadow and this new body of work feels like a promising line of inquiry. Like many, the initial shock of lockdown was destabilising. It has been interesting to reflect on how this new, unexpected drawing approach, that evolved from concentrated working with limited resources, has emerged through the restrictions of lockdown.

¹ Pallasmaa, J (2011) The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses