May 2020


I have been thinking about the idea that buildings breathe (see February 2020) as this feels particularly pertinent in lockdown. Our homes have expanded to the demands of more inhabitants or contracted to shelter one or two. For some, home feels like a refuge, while for others, a restriction. 

For me, after a period of contraction, our home is full again and I can feel the fabric of the architecture sighing. Having lived here for 20 years, it feels like our home is as much entwined in our family history as we are, familiar and integral to our rhythms, and I wonder at our home’s ability to recall and re-establish echoes of previous patterns. 

With these ideas in mind, I have been working on a series of drawings, building on previous approaches. Inspired by moments of architectural light and shadow, I am exploring mark making and layering to re-examine and re-consider my experience of home at this time.