Always Coming Back To The House

2014 to 2015


Working over a six month period, this project focused on researching the wallpapers of Goddards, a 1927 National Trust house and family home of Noel Terry, and considered their influence on the space. Through a process of historical research, studying the hung and stored wallpapers, gathering and working with archive as well as generated material, a conversation emerged between the garden and the wallpapers.

The exhibition,¬†Goddards Reimagined (March to June 2015), provided another way of thinking about the wallpapers and comprised the video artwork, Always Coming Back To The House, together with selected supporting artwork produced in response to the house. The video artwork proposed reimagined childhood narratives through the repetitive wallpaper motifs,¬†referencing Lewis Carroll’s multifaceted depiction of space in Through the Looking Glass, an author read by the Terry children. The decision to project the artwork in one of the Terry children’s bedrooms emphasised these ideas and promoted an intimate engagement with the work. The use of wallpaper as surface to project directly onto brought symmetry as well as a further layer of interaction.