Drawing Breath



Graphite drawings and cut outs on pergamenata paper

Dimensions various

In quiet moments of architectural light and shadow, buildings reveal themselves to us, they breathe, and invite us to be still and listen. Following the interruption of a project due to lockdown that explored these ideas, focus of inquiry transferred to the home. Through documenting and responding to moments of light and shadow from around the home, a new body of work emerged. Drawing Breath comprises a series of graphite drawings and cut outs on translucent paper that interact with each other when activated by natural light in the space. For more in this series, see RECENT WORK and on this project, see JOURNAL.

Thanks to Arts Council England for individual emergency funding that helped support work during lockdown. This funding was only made possible thanks to the National Lottery and its players. For details, see www.artscouncil.org.uk.